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Diary January 9, 1942

German armored vehicles and infantrymen on the march
German armored vehicles and infantrymen on the march in icy cold through a snowy Russian village.
WW2 War Diary for Friday, January 9, 1942:

Eastern Front

3 Russian ‘Fronts’ (groups of armies, each army equal to a German corps) make deep penetration west and southwest of Moscow (Germans stage recovery and stabilize front in late January).
Battle of the Valdai Hills: during 12 days of bitter fighting (January 9-21) Russians make 113-km-deep break-through between Smolensk and Lake Ilmen, capturing nine towns. By January 22, Russians seriously threaten Velikie Luki, a vital rail junction.


Philippines: Japanese troops attempt to break through US-Filipino line across Bataan Peninsular; fierce fighting until end of February.

Sea War

North Sea: British destroyer Vimiera mined and sunk in Thames Estuary.

Home Fronts

USA: Joe Louis knocks out Buddy Baer in first round of World Heavy-weight Boxing Championship.

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