Diary January 10, 1917

Punch cartoon about President Wilson
A ‘Punch’ cartoon: ‘Hail Columba! President Wilson to American Eagle: Gee! What a dove I’ve made of you!’
World War One Diary for Wednesday, January 10, 1917:


USA: Allies reply to Wilson’s peace note with special message from Belgium.
German San Francisco Consul­-General and 4 employees found guilty of conspiracy to sink arms ships. Bernstorff cables Zimmermann war inevitable if U-boats unleashed.

Western Front

Somme: British attack takes trenches on 3/4-mile front northeast of Beaumont Hamel, Fifth Army operations on Ancre until March 13 involve Anzac and 3 other corps (11 divisions).

Sea War

Channel: First Anglo­-French collier convoy sails (up to 45 colliers with 3 or 4 trawler escorts); only 5 of 2.600 lost by April 30.

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