Diary July 10, 1918

A walk-over ?
A walk-over ? The Kaiser: ‘This is the doormat of our new premises’ – Emperor Karl: ‘Are you quite sure it’s dead?’
World War One Diary for Wednesday, July 10, 1918:

Eastern Front

USSR: 5th Congress of Soviets adopts RSFSR Constitution.
Volga­: Vatsetis named new Red Eastern Front Commander.
North Caucasus: Denikin’s Volunteer Army defeats Red Army (until July 14).
Siberia­: British government announce 25th Middlesex Regiment sailing from Hong Kong to Vladivostok.

Western Front

Marne: French troops reoccupy Courcy, north of river Ourcq.

Middle East

Armenia: Kress wires Berlin from Tiflis that Armenians threatened with extermination. Hindenburg cables Enver ‘as a Christian’ to let 500,000 starving go home (July 29).
Persia: RAF plane flies to Urmia, arranges ammo convoy supply (July 22) for Christian Assyrian Jelus beset by Turks.

Sea War

Atlantic: U-boat sinks Cunard liner Carpathia (5 lives lost) west of Ireland.

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