Diary July 11, 1915

shattered German light cruiser 'Königsberg'
The shattered German light cruiser ‘Königsberg’ lies scuttled on the bed of the Rufiji River in East Africa.
Diary for Sunday, July 11, 1915:

Sea War

East Africa: German light cruiser Königsberg disabled in Rufiji river after 90­min shelling by British monitors Mersey and Severn with Farman spotter plane assistance (crashed). Königsberg scuttled by crew but German divers salvage her 10 x 4.1-inch guns later for use ashore.
Adriatic: Italians occupy Pelagosa island and install 90-man garrison and 2 x 3-inch guns. French scout nearby Lagosta island on July 12, but Italian government vetoes against occupation on July 27.

Air War

East Africa: 2 Royal Navy Air Service float planes spot for 2 British monitors in elimination of German light cruiser Königsberg, Rufiji Delta.
Italy: Austrian ships bomb Venice for fourth time.

Western Front

Joffre decides main autumn offensive will be in Champagne with secondary one in Artois.
Meuse: ­German attacks on Frenes near St Mihiel.

Southern Fronts

Italians make gains in Carnic Alps and repulse Austrians on July 28.

Middle East

Gallipoli: IX Corps GOC Stopford arrives at Mudros, told Suvla plan on July 22, but it is revised on July 26.


USA: Secretary of State Lansing memo, ‘Germany must not be allowed to win this war, or to break even …’.

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