Diary July 14, 1916

British cavalry at Bazentin Ridge
Troopers of the Deccan Horse await their chance to advance during the action at Bazentin Ridge this day. The call never came because they were unable to advance against machine-guns.
Diary for Friday, July 14, 1916:

Western Front

Battle of the SommeBattle of Bazentin Ridge: 4 BEF divisions (22,000 men) break into German second position on 3 1/2-mile front after dawn 0325 hours surprise attack and 5-minutes bombardment, capture Longueval and Bazentin le Petit with 2,000 PoWs. 2nd Cavalry Division (102 casualties) rides on High Wood, has one charge causing 48 casualties (withdrawn at nightfall); 18th Division secures Trones Wood. Haig and Foch visit Rawlinson to congratulate him on success. Germans hurry 3 divisions up to plug gap.

Eastern Front

Western RussiaBattle of Baronovichi ends: Russian losses 80,000, mainly to shellfire. STAVKA decided to abandon it, German losses 16,000 men.

African Fronts

Lake Victoria – Lake Force takes Mwanza (began landing to east on July 11) but 500-man garrison escapes south. Deventer’s 2nd Division takes Mpondi on Central Railway, resumes advance south (July 19). German rearguard mauls 2 Belgian battalions at Djobahika.

Sea War

North Sea: U 51 torpedoed by HM submarine H5 in Ems estuary.
Adriatic: Damaged Italian submarine Balilla scuttles off Cape Pianka, northwest of Lissa island, to escape surrender to two Austrian torpedo boats.

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