Diary July 15, 1916

British heavy 6-inch Howitzer in action
A British heavy 6-inch Howitzer in action during the battle of the Somme.
Diary for Saturday, July 15, 1916:

Western Front

Battle of the SommeBattle of Delville Wood (until July 20): 3,153-strong South African Brigade, ordered to capture and hold wood at all costs, secures most of it. For five nights and 6 days South Africans hold out against 3 divisions counter-attacks and shelling by 180 guns. British cavalry fail to break through at High Wood, withdraw on July 16.
Verdun: French recapture and then lose Battery C and CP 119 near Fleury (until July 16).

Eastern Front

Brusilov offensive, Pripet: Sakharov’s Eleventh Army (night July 15-16) pre-empts Marwitz attack on Southern Lutsk salient thanks to agent network’s warning, reaches river Lipa, takes Mikhailovka and 13,000 PoWs.

Middle East

Armenia: Russian general Yudenich occupies evacuated Bayburl.

Sea War

Adriatic: British submarine H3 mined and sunk off Cattaro.

Air War

Somme: Royal Flying Corps bombs 13 targets and claims 6 German aircraft for no loss.

Supremacy 1914

Home Fronts

Austria: Ex-Reichsrath Trentino deputy Cesare Battisti (Italian PoW) executed as traitor.

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