Diary July 19, 1917

Kerensky (centre) at the funeral of cossacks killed in the Petrograd July riots.
World War One Diary for Thursday, July 19, 1917:

Home Fronts

Russia: Kerensky succeeds Prince Lvov as Prime Minister after news of German breakthrough. In Petrograd last 500 rebels surrender to General Polovtsev. Finnish Scim proclaims Finland’s autonomy.
Germany: Crown Prince Rupprecht letter to Interior Minister bemoans Bavaria’s plight against Berlin heavy industry.

Eastern Front

Western Russia – Battle of Smorgon-Krevo (until July 27): German Tenth Army repulses assault after 2-mile Russian penetration on July 22.
Galicia: Hoffmann’s counter-offensive with Eben’s 9 divisions (8 from Western Front) makes 12-mile wide breach east of Zloczow helped by Bruchmueller hurricane barrage. Russian Eleventh Army flees en masse, losing 6,000 PoWs and 70 guns by July 21.


East Africa – Battle of Narungombe: 1,700 British soldiers (363 casualties) with 20 MGs attack Captain Liebermann’s c.800 men, 2 guns and 48 MGs in waterhole hill positions. Narungombe occupied on July 20 as Germans retreat south to Mihambia, lost 1 MG.

Sea War

Britain: Carson, First Lord of the Admiralty, resigns, suc­ceeded by Sir E Geddes.


Germany: Reichstag Peace Resolution on war aims by 212-126 vote ‘strives for a peace by agreement and a permanent reconciliation’. New Chancellor Michaelis says Germany will not again offer peace.

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