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Diary July 29, 1942

German armoured recon vwhicles
German armoured recon vwhicles in the steppe of Southern Russia.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, July 29, 1942:

Eastern Front

South Russia: Hoth’s Panzers capture Tsimlyanskaya, on river Don, west of Stalingrad. Farther south Kleist’s Panzers capture Proletarskaya.


New Guinea: Japanese troops advancing on Port Moresby take Kokoda, 80 km south of Buna.

Air War

Germany: RAF night raid on Saarbruecken (9 bombers lost).

Home Fronts

Canada: National Resources Mobilization Act amended by Parliament to permit introduction of conscription for overseas service – despite strong opposition from French-Canadian Liberals.


Britain: London Combined Production and Resources Board established under Lyttleton, British Minister of Production, and Harriman, US Lease-Lend representative.

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