Diary July 30, 1916

German deep bunkers at the Somme
This section of captured German trench near the Albert-Pozieres road shows the deep bunkers in which the German machine-gunners shelterred during an artillery attack, and from which they emerged to set up their machine-guns once the attack lifted to herald the infantry attack.
Diary for Sunday, July 30, 1916:

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: Very hot, clear day. Joint Franco-British attack north of Somme improves situation on Allied right flank, Guillemont entered (fighting continues until July 31), Maurepas reached.

Eastern Front

Germany: Hindenburg and Ludendorff take over Front down to Lemberg with 3 Army groups (­July 31)
Brusilov offensive: Brusilov’s Intelligence Section casualties estimates since June 4: Russian Southwest Front 450,000; Austrian 600,000, 330 guns (only 5,000 German PoWs).
Galicia: Lechitski pursues Austrian Seventh Army south of Dniester towards Stanislau.

Secret War

Britain: Royal Navy Q-ship crews to wear War Service Badges (plus certificates later) to prevent any captured being shot as pirates.


USA: Sabotage suspected in $ 40 million munitions explosion at Black Tom Island near Jersey City, New York (42 casualties).

Home Fronts

Russia: Martial law in Turkestan following Muslim rising against reserve work conscrip­tion; 3,309 Government casualties before order restored.

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