Diary June 1, 1919

Training pf Petrograd workers
Training pf Petrograd workers for the Red Army.
World War One Diary for Sunday, June 1, 1919:

Russia: Red Army High Command estimates 657,000 foes including Poles and Finns (latter 100,000 men of which 25,000 north of Petrograd) whereas 356,000 Red combat troops at fronts in total of 899,000 men plus 538,000 in interior Military districts and 111,000 para-military. Trotsky realizes Allied intervention powerless.
Siberia: In June Kolchack’s paper strength 450,000 (Reds estimate 129,000 combat troops), but whole White units desert and shoot officers; Anglo-Russian Regiment withdrawn to Omsk, never sees action.
South Russia: ­259,000 Reds vs Denikin’s AFSR (early June); General Sidorin’s White Don Host links up with Veshenskaia Cossack rebels.
France: Bread cards abolished.
Germany­: Rhineland Republic proclaimed at General Mangin’s prompting.
Britain: RFP falls 3% to 104%; average family spending 4s 9d per week less on food since November 1, 1918.
USA: During June the record 434,786 troops return home across Atlantic; making 1,610,074 by June 30.

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