Diary June 10, 1915

Italian submarine 'Medusa'
The Italian submarine ‘Medusa’ was designed by the Fiat San Giorgio shipyard in La Spezia. It was the prototype of the first with diesel engines equipped Italian submarines.
Diary for Thursday, June 10, 1915:

Sea War

Adriatic: Austrian U11 alias German coastal submarine UB15 (Heimburg) surprises and sinks Italian submarine Medusa.

Middle East

Armenia: Turks win Second Battle of Tortum (until June 12).
Gallipoli: Hospitals in Lemnos, Malta and Egypt swamped. First Anzac bread issue (June 11).

African Fronts

North Cameroons: German Fort Garua surrenders for next day: river flood bars mutinous garrison’s escape; 249 PoWs, 4 guns and 10 MGs.

Home Fronts

Russia: Anti-German riots in Moscow until June 12. Interior Minister Maklakov replaced by Prince Shcherbatov.
Britain: ­Commons votes £250 millions war credit, war costing £2.66 millions per day since April 1, 1915.

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