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Diary June 12, 1941

German air raid poster
German air raid poster: ‘Search for coverage at anti-arcraft fire’.
Diary for Thursday, June 12, 1941:

Home Front

Germany: Berlin civil defence authority warns the population to take immediate shelter in air raids owing to danger posed by heavy HE bombs and mines, which have caused ‘a great number of bomb victims’.

Sea War

Atlantic: Pocket-battleship Luetzow torpedoed by RAF Beaufort aircraft off Southern Norway; she has to limp back to Kiel and is out of action until January 1942.


Allied and ‘Free’ European representatives, meeting in London, pledge mutual assistance until victory is won. Churchill declares that every trace of ‘Hitlerism’ will be ‘blasted from the surface of the Earth’, and that the RAF ‘will continue to teach the German homeland that war is not all loot and triumph.’

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