Diary June 11, 1916

Russian troops Galicia
Russian troops are ready for action in Galicia.
Diary for Sunday, June 11, 1916:

Eastern Front

Brusilov Offensive – Galicia: Südarmee’s Battle of the Strypa (until June 30). By now General Tersztyanszki replaces sacked Archduke Joseph Ferdinand in command of Fourth Army.
Russia: Colonel Knox lunches with Tsar ‘in good spirits’ at STAVKA.

Western Front

Champagne: German trench raid north of Bruges.
Verdun: ­Unsuccessful German attacks west of fort Vaux and at Thiaumont.
Somme: After Petain’s pleas to Joffre zero day for Allied offensive advanced from July to June 29.

Middle East

Arabia: Stotzingen Mission reaches Umm Lejj on coast, withdrawing to Damascus (early July).
Southern Persia: Sykes enters Kerman after 270-mile march.
Sinai: Skirmishes at Katia.

Sea War

Red Sea: Cruisers Fox and Hardinge shell Turk positions north of Jeddah.

Air War

Egypt: German aircraft drops 8 bombs on Kantara, another strafes Romani garrison.


USA: Mexicans attack US troops at Laredo, also at San Ugnacio, Texas on June 15.

Home Fronts

Italy: Salandra Government resign over Trentino reverse and budget defeat; Socialist Boselli heads new coalition Government from June 16.

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