Diary June 12, 1942

British cruiser under smoke cover
British cruiser under smoke cover in front, while the following cruiser fires her guns.
WW2 War Diary for Friday, June 12, 1942:

Sea War

Mediterranean: MALTA CONVOYS ‘HARPOON’ AND ‘VIGOROUS’ WIPED OUT. Double convoy operation: British convoys attempt to reach Malta from Gibraltar (Harpoon) and Alexandria (Vigorous) : German and Italian aircraft and warships, submarines and mines take a heavy toll (6 merchant ships sunk and 2 damaged, 6 warships sunk and 9 damaged) and Alexandria convoy turns back; Convoy Harpoon reaches Malta. Italian cruiser Trento torpedoed and sunk by Beaufort torpedo bomber and Italian submarine Umbra sunk; battleship Littorio hit by a bomb and torpedo.

Air War

Eastern Europe: American B-24 Liberator bombers attack Ploesti and Constanta (Rumania). 4 planes crash-land in Turkey (crews interned).
Western Europe: Single RAF Beaufighter drops tricolor flag over Arc de Triomphe and strafes Gestapo HQ, Paris.

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