Diary June 13, 1915

Sailors with Rooss rifles
The Canadian Ross rifle was an excellent target rifle, but less successful in service, as mud and dirt tended to clog the straight-pull bolt action. After the Ross rifle was withdrawn, some were issued to British armed trawler crews to provide them with some form of defense against aircraft or U-boats.
Diary for Sunday, June 13, 1915:

Western Front

Flanders­: Canadians discard unreliable Ross rifles for standard SM Lee-Enfield, enter Messines sector on June 28.
Artois: French checked at Souchez. Petain and Fayolle vainly oppose mass offensive renewal.

Eastern Front

Galicia: Mackensen resumes attack on 31-mile front, forcing Russians towards Grodek line, claims 40,000 PoWs until June 16.

Middle East

Aden: Turks shell Perim Island, but 23rd Sikh Pioneers repel dhow landing attempt next day.


Greece: ­Venizelists win General Election.

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