Diary June 15, 1915

Group of Highlanders
A Group of Highlanders on the Western Front.
Diary for Tuesday, June 15, 1915:

Western Front

Flanders – Second Action of Givenchy until next day: British 7th new arrived 51st Highland Division attack at 0558 hours northeast of Festubert without surprise element after two days of shelling and with inadequate grenades, repeat failures (on June 16 and 18).

Southern Fronts

Isonzo: Italian Second Army attacks Austrian Podgora position west of Gorizia. 3 Alpini company’s capture two peaks and Monte Nero (Upper Isonzo) with battalion of Hungarians.

Middle East

Gallipoli: Hamilton vainly asks Kitchener for Byng or Rawlinson as new corps commander.

Air War

Germany: Karlsruhe factories bombed by 23 Voisins of GB1 (130 bombs, 84 civilian casualties).
Western Front: French airships Adjt Vineenot and Cmndt Coutelle fly 3 night missions against rail targets (nights June 15-16, 18-19 and 19-20).
Britain: German airship L 10 drops 59 bombs on Tyneside (night 15-16, record of 90 civilian casualties to date).

Secret War

French decrypts of German Navy radio signals help arrest of seven agents in British ports in two weeks.

Home Fronts

Germany: The 24 military region Commanders sent guidelines on worker exemptions and dispute mediation.

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