Diary June 18, 1918

German stormtroopers
German stormtroopers in a shell funnel.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, June 18, 1918:

Western Front

Marne: Mudra relieves F Below in command of First Army, latter takes over new Ninth Army at Soissons (until August 6).
Cham­pagne: French repulse German attack from Sillery to Trigny 7 miles west of Reims (and on Bligny on June 22 that costs 392 Italian casualties).

Southern Fronts

Piave: Slight Austrian Montello gains near Nervesa rail bridge. Italian 1st Division takes 500 PoWs from Lower Piave San Dona bridgehead, but its reinforced occupiers take 6,500 PoWs around Campolunga (­until June 19).

Sea War

Black Sea: Russian dreadnought Svobodnaya Rossiya (ex-Imperatritsa Ekaterina) destroyed by Reds to avoid capture by Germans. Destroyer Kerch torpedoes her at Novorossisk where 7 destroyers and torpedo boats scuttle themselves (Kerch scuttles at Tuapse on June 19). Dreadnought Volya, 3 destroyers, 2 torpedo boats and AMC return to Sevastopol as Germans request for internment, but c.464 German sailors gradually take them over.

Home Fronts

Bulgaria: Prime Minister Radoslavov (since 1913) resigns at Tsar Ferdinand’s bidding, Malinov replaces to placate unrest.
Germany: OHL demands military service for all men 15­-60, War Minister opposes on June 24. Reichstag deputies increased and act for proportional representation.
Britain: Commons votes £500 million credit (£7,342 million grand total; £6,8 million per day; loans to Allies £1,370 million).

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