Diary June 19, 1944

Battle of the Philippine Sea.
Japanese aircraft shot down over US carriers during the Battle of the Philippine Sea. 17 were shot down by AA guns of the ships, the others by Hellcat fighters.
WW2 War Diary for Monday, June 19, 1944:

Sea War

Pacific – BATTLE OF THE PHILIPPINE SEA (June 19-20): Vice-Admiral Ozawa launches 372 carrier planes in 4 waves against US carrier force TF 58 at extreme range (480 km). 300 Hellcat fighters (29 lost) and proximity-fused anti-aircraft shells shoot down 242 planes (‘Marianas Turkey Shoot’). 1 bomb-hit on battleship South Dakota. US fighters shoot down or badly damage 49 Japanese planes attempting to land on Guam. Submarines Albacore and Cavalla cripple Japanese carriers Taiho and Shokaku; Taiho explodes 6 hours later.
Atlantic: U-boat U-505 captured (Secret code-books recovered). 4-day storm, commencing this day, wrecks American ‘Mulberry’ harbour off ‘Omaha Beach’ and seriously damages British ‘Mulberry’ off Arromanches. Many landing craft swamped.

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