Diary June 20, 1917

Italian Nieuport XI 'Bebe'
Italian Nieuport XI ‘Bebe’ on a airfield in the Alps. The type was often used by the Italians and built at Macchi under license.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, June 20, 1917:

Air War

Italian Front: 145 Italian aircraft drop 5 1/2 t bombs on South Tyrol, only 26 Austrian aircraft oppose.

Southern Fronts

Carnia: Italians capture Piccolo Lagaznoi.

Western Front

France: Petain orders 3,500 Renault FT-17 light tanks.
Artois: British repulse attacks on river Souchez after making gains on June 19.
Aisne­: German attack near Vauxaillon takes ground mainly lost again on June 21, likewise southeast of Filain (June 22, lost June 24).

Sea War

Germany: Food supervisory committees (Menage-kommissions) allowed in all German warships to give ratings a say in food selection and preparation. For many months they have eaten boiled or dried turnips and a ‘nauseous’ ersatz meat and veg stew dubbed Drahtverhau (literally, ‘wire entanglement’). Last German dreadnought Württemberg launched at Hamburg by Vulcan but never completed (broken up 1921).

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