Diary June 20, 1918

Francesco Baracca
The Italian fighter ace Francesco Baracca is hit in the air by two rifle bullets, of which one kills him into the head.
World War One Diary for Thursday, June 20, 1918:

Air War

Italian Front: Italians shoot down 14 Austrian aircraft over the Piave, but top Italian ace Baracca killed strafing in Nieuport fighter. American pilots first fly Italian bombers in action.

Southern Fronts

Piave: Boroevic cables Austrian High Command ‘As the Monarchy … has loyally fulfilled its duties as an ally … and cannot face the risk of remaining perhaps disarmed, I propose to withdraw … behind the Piave’; Emperor gives permission. Boroevic plans to retreat at night only. Italians decide shelling bridges better than mass attacks.

Middle East

Azerbaijan: Turk 5th Caucasian Division (6,000 men) arrives at Ganja (Russian Elizavetpol) to be core of Enver’s ‘Army of Islam’ (18,000 under Enver’s 28-year-old half-brother Nuri Pasha). A regiment marches to support Azeri Tartars on June 26.
Palestine: British restore civil law courts in occupied territory.


East Africa: General Northey made Gouverneur and C­-in-C British East Africa. Brigade-General Hawthorn takes over NRFF. Kartucol halts for supplies at Vacha farmhouse.

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