Diary June 21, 1916

U-35 receives dispatches from a Friederikshafen seaplane
During the patrol U35 receives dispatches from a Friederikshafen seaplane. The Kaiser once used U35 to deliver a personal message to the King of Spain at Cartegena.
Diary for Wednesday, June 21, 1916:


Spain: German U-boat ­U35 delivers Kaiser letter to King at Cartagena.
Mexico: 400 Mexican regulars (38 killed) capture US 10th Cavalry troop (40 casualties, including 22 PoWs) at Carrizal. US demands PoW release (June 25, done on June 28).
Greece: Allies demand demobiliza­tion and government exchange. Prime Minister Skouloudis resigns, Zaimis succeeds.

Western Front

Verdun: Limited German gains on Mort Homme and west and south of Fort Vaux, but repulsed northwest of Thiaumont works.

African Fronts

East Africa: c.240 British land on Ulenge island (Tanga Bay) and wade to mainland.

Sea War

Britain: First of three Kipling articles in The Times (and on June 23 and 28) paying tribute to Royal Navy Submarine Service ‘The Trade’.

Home Fronts

Turkey: German officials at Islahie railhead treat 39 British Kut PoWs too ill to continue as rest march into Taurus Mts (June 22), reach Adana by train (June 24) then sent back for railway labour.
Germany: War profits taxation law.

Supremacy 1914

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