Diary June 22, 1940

Hitler's victory dance
Hitler‘s victory dance at his headquarters immediately after the arrival of the news that France has signed the armistice terms.
Diary for Saturday, June 22, 1940:


ARMISTICE BETWEEN FRANCE AND GERMANY signed at Compiegne by General Keitel (Germany) and General Huntziger (France). Signing ceremony takes place in Marshal Foch‘s old railway carriage, previously used for signature of Armistice of World War One, November 11, 1918. Armistice terms: Germany to occupy two-thirds of Metropolitan France inc. entire Channel and Atlantic coastlines; all major industrial areas; Alsace-Lorraine and Paris. French armed forces to be disarmed and demobilized, with exception to token defense forces; French Fleet to be disarmed and demobilized under German and Italian supervision; France to pay costs of German army of occupation. French PoWs to remain in Germany until signature of peace treaty.
Three French armies (400,000 men) surrender in Vosges pocket, west of Maginot Line. Germans occupy Lorient.

see also: Strength and Organization of the l’ Armee de l’ Armistice of Vichy France

Air War

Italian three-engines SM81 bombers raid Alexandria; 25 casualties (night June 22-23).

Sea War

Atlantic: U-boat U-46 attacks British Force H as it battles against hurricane-force winds en route from Scapa Flow to Gibraltar; Carrier Ark Royal probably hit, but torpedoes fail to explode.


Baltic States: Left-Wing Governments formed in Estonia and Latvia.

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