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Diary June 22, 1941

Ribbentrop announces Russian war
German Foreign Minister von Ribbentrop announces the outbreak of the war against the Soviet Union.
Diary for Sunday, June 22, 1941:


GERMANY DECLARES WAR ON USSR. ITALY AND RUMANIA DECLARE WAR ON USSR. Churchill pledges British material and moral support for USSR.

Eastern Front

GERMAN INVASION OF RUSSIA (Operation Barbarossa) along 2,900 km front from Baltic to Black Sea. 3 Army Groups, comprising 120 divisions (including 17 Panzer and 12 motorised) with 3,200 tanks; 1,945 aircraft; miscellaneous naval units (including minelayers and 5 U-boats).

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Air War

Devastating German air strikes on 66 Russian airfields along entire front: 1,800 planes destroyed – 1,500 on the ground, 300 in air combat; Germans lose 35 aircraft. Russian bombers attack Constanta, Rumania (first of 38 raids, June 22-30).

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Home Fronts

Russia: General mobilization; martial law proclaimed.

Sea War

Atlantic: U-48 returns to Kiel after her twelfth and last war cruise. Total sinkings: 54 merchant ships of 322,000 t. and sloop Dundee.

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