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Diary June 23, 1940

Hitler on sightseeing tour in Paris
Hitler on sightseeing tour in Paris in front of the Eiffel Tower. Left to him his main architect Albert Speer and to his right the leading sculptor Arno Breker.
Diary for Sunday, June 23, 1940:

Occupied countries

France: General de Gaulle forms French National Committee in London. Hitler makes sightseeing tour of Paris.


Italians occupy Riviera resort of Menton described by Italian commentators as a ‘strongly fortified town’.

Sea War

Uncompleted French destroyer Lansquenet escapes from Gironde Estuary, West France, under German artillery fire (arrives Casablanca, June 27). Italian submarine Galvani sinks sloop Pathan (Royal Indian Navy) off Bombay; Italian submarine Torricelli sunk in gun battle with three British destroyers and a sloop off Perim (Persian Gulf); destroyer Khartoum also sunk.

Secret War

First unsuccessful British Commando raid on Boulogne.

Home Fronts

France: Laval appointed Vice-Premier and Minister of State.

Air War

French bombers raid Palermo (Sicily).


Egypt: Coalition Government of Aly Pasha Maher falls. The Wafdist (Nationalist) Party leader Nahas Pasha refuses to form new government. New weak Coalition Government formed under Hassan Pasha Sabry (June 28).

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  1. Undefended Menton …. The Italians had to overcome fortifications of the Alpine line to get to Menton, and there was fighting even in the town itself. What is your source?

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