Diary June 29, 1915

German cavalry
The German cavalry general plays a very limited role. Only at the Eastern front it has some space to operate.
Diary for Tuesday, June 29, 1915:

Eastern Front

Poland: Mackensen advances between river Vistula and Bug, reaches Tomaszow next day.

Western Front

France – Petains memo to GOG : ‘The present war … of attrition … will belong … to the side which possesses the last man’, urges only decentralized attacks and ample reserves.

Middle East

Dardanelles – Anzac beachhead: Last serious Turk attack fails.

Air War

Gallipoli: British give up Cape Helles airfield except for emergency landings.


Austria: Government protests to US against munition exports to Allies, urges food embargo if Central Powers’ legal trade not allowed.

Home Fronts

Britain: Prime Minister and Bonar Law Guildhall speeches on need to economize. 10 Victoria Cross awarded. Exchanged wounded PoWs arrive at home.

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