Diary June 3, 1916

Fort Vaux under bombardement
Fort Vaux under bombardement. The defenders of Vaux were subjected to some of the most intensive shelling of the war.
Diary for Saturday, June 3, 1916:

Western Front

Verdun: ­Unsuccessful German outflanking move at Fort Vaux.
Ypres: Canadian counter-attack recovers lost trenches from previous day.
Somme: British repulse German attack north of Fricourt.

Eastern Front

Russia: Brusilov resigns when Alexeiev suggests postponement, so allowed to continue. Austrians intercept his attack message to troops.

Southern Fronts

Saloniki: Allies proclaim state of siege and oust Greek authorities occupying all official buildings. 35,000t of Allied forage burnt in supply depot.

Middle East

Turkey: At Kut captured British general Townshend arrives at Constantinople to lavish reception. Kut PoWs reach Mosul, get first stew since capture.
Persia­ – Border action at Khanikin: 6,000 Russians with 12 guns attack 7,000 Turks (6th Division) before Baratov evacuates Kasr-i-Shirin on June 6 which Ali Ihsan Pasha retakes on June 8.

African Fronts

East Africa: British occupy Namena.

Sea War

Black Sea: Russians shell Bourgas, Bulgaria, sink Turk steamers.

Air War

Western Front: 20 Royal Flying Corps bombers (1 lost to AA fire) and 6 escort fighters raid four railway stations (4t of bombs).


USA: National Defense Act increases regular Army by five annual stages to 175,000 men; National Guard to 450,000 men; officers reserve corps created.

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