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Diary June 30, 1940

Maginot Line bunker surrenders
A defender of the Maginot Line emerges from his bunker to surrender.
Diary for Sunday, June 30, 1940:


Franco-German-Italian Armistice Commission in session at Wiesbaden. Surrender of 220,000 French troops cut off in underground fortresses of Maginot Line.

Occupied countries

Channel Islands: Germans land in the Channel Islands – the only British territory occupied in WW2.

Sea War

Atlantic: British cargo liner Avelona Star (13,400 t) sunk by U-boat U-43.
Merchant shipping losses in June 1940: 130 Allied ships with 505,453 tons in the Atlantic, 10 Allied ships with 268,075 tons elsewhere.
10 Axis ships with 32,380 tons in Mediterranean.
0 U-boat sunk in the Atlantic, Arctic or Baltic.

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