Diary June 7, 1915

Austria-Hungarian trench on the eastern front
An Austria-Hungarian trench on the Eastern Front. The seemingly endless days are dominated by the same old simple steps, such as the maintenance of the rifle.
Diary for Monday, June 7, 1915:

Eastern Front

Galicia: Lechitski evacuates Kalusz and Nadworna in east and all of Bukovina on June 12. Austrians retake Stanislau next day and Kolomea on June 12.

Western Front

Somme: Part of French XI Corps attack and capture German salient at Touvent farm between Hebuterne and Serre on 2-mile front, German counter-attack fails.

Middle East

Britain: British Dardanelles committee of Cabinet first meets. Hamilton rules out general attack for present.
Gallipoli: 4th NZ reinforcement (1,761 men) arrives for ANZAC.

African Fronts

Cameroons: Dobell decides to abandon advance on Yaunde, still 40 miles (ca. 64 km) away.

Home FRonts

Britain: War Propaganda Bureau‘s first report to Cabinet estimates 2.5 millions publications circulated in 17 languages since September 1914.
Russia: Special Council for Armament set up under Tsar. War Industries Committee formed on June 9.

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