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Diary June 7, 1940

Farman 223.4 Jules Verne
Farman 223.4 Jules Verne from Air France, the first ‘bomber’ which was attacking Berlin in WW2.
Diary for Friday, June 7, 1940:


Rommel advances 30 miles (ca. 48 km) to Forges-Ies-Eaux, north of Rouen.

Air War

French Naval Air Force attempts token bombing raid on Berlin: converted Centre NC223 4-engined mail­plane makes 13 1/2-hour flight, Bordeaux-Channel-North Sea-Baltic Sea-Berlin(?)-Paris. Crew claim to have attacked Berlin, but bombs apparently fall in open country (night June 7-8).

Home Front

Britain: Late Captain Warburton-Lee awarded first V.C. of WW2 (killed commander of British destroyers in ‘First Battle of Narvik’, see April 10, 1940).

Sea War

First successful landings by Hurricane fighters on a British carrier, when evacuated from Norway by HMS Glorious.

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