Diary June 9, 1916

destroyed trench Eastern Front
From this Austria-Hungarian trench on the eastern front not much is left.
Diary for Friday, June 9, 1916:

Eastern Front

Brusilov offensive – Bukovina: Lechitski transfers 2 divisions to south bank of Dniester, fierce struggle for Hill 458 (until June 10) before Pflanzer-Baltin orders retreat to river Prut.

Western Front

Verdun – West bank: Unsuc­cessful German attacks east and southwest of Hill 304.
East bank: French XII Corps reoccupies Thiaumont works after Germans evacuate them (night June 8-9) as untenable, then drives back German 0600 hours attack.

Southern Fronts

Salonika: Allied War Council defers decision on 1916 Balkan offensive.

Middle East

Arab Revolt: Arabs attack Mecca and Jeddah garrisons; 4,000 cut off latter’s water supply.

African Fronts

Lake Victoria: 826 British soldiers occupy Ukerewe Island (until June 15) from 6 ships.
Action at Mkalamo: Sheppard’s River column holds Kraut’s counter-attack and occupies intact bridge on June 10.


Britain: Allied War Council in London until June 10.

Home Fronts

Britain: Petrol sub-committee appointed for priority distribu­tion, reveals civil use of 150 million gallons per year but only a month’s supply in country on June 20.

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