Diary March 15, 1917

Russia's Czar Nicholaos II
Russia’s Czar Nicholaos II was forced to abdicated after the Russian Revolution.
World War One Diary for Thursday, March 15, 1917:


Russia: TSAR ABDICATES. Miliukov new Russian Foreign Minister.


Switzerland: Lenin gets news of Revolution, envisages train journey through Germany (March 19), publicly opposes new Provisional Government (March 27).

Home Fronts

Russia: TSAR ABDICATES at Pskov. Prince Lvov new Prime Minister; Kerensky Justice Minister; Guchkov War and Marine Minister. Political and religious amnesty declared plus widespread freedoms. Immediate preparations for Constituent Assembly (universal suffrage) an­nounced. Ukrainian National Rada formed at Kiev.
Germany: Sixth War Loan opens.
France: Army has received 160 tanks (208 by April 1).

Sea War

Channel: Dover Patrol destroyers Foyle mined, Laforey on March 23 as well as Myrmidon on March 26.
Red Sea: British Sloop Odin intercepts Wolf prize minelayer Iltis (26 German PoWs) in Gulf of Aden where she laid 25 mines (swept by Somali­-manned tugs within 2 months for 1 ship lost).

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