Diary March 17, 1919

Allied intervention in North Russia
The Soviet interpretation of the Allied intervention in North Russia with Americans and a staff car with an old White General and a British officer in front of Bolshevik sympathizers.
World War One Diary for Monday, March 17, 1919:

France – Peace Process: Baltic States and Ukraine demand recognition.
Baltic States: German troops take Bausk from the Reds, Latvia.
North Russia­ – Archangel sector: Reds overwhelm French garrison near Bolshe Ozerki (until March 18) and repel British counter-attack on March 23.
Britain: Liquor control relaxation, 9.30pm uniform closing hour.
Austria: Emperor Charles writes to Alfonso XIII of Spain via special courier urging Allied military support vs radicalism in Danube area. Alfonso forwards to King George V (March 29), letter sent to Lloyd George in Paris for Peace Conference. Lieutenant-Colonel Strutt cabled to get Habsburg royal family into Switzerland at once, tells Emperor, who refuses to leave.

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