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Diary March 2, 1943

Japanese merchantmen burns in the Bismarck sea
A sinking armed Japanese merchantmen burns in the Bismarck sea.
WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, March 2, 1943:

Sea War

Pacific BATTLE OF THE BISMARCK SEA (March 2-5): Allied bombers and MTBs shatter big Japanese troop convoy off Lae (New Guinea). 8 transports and 4 destroyers sunk; 6,000 Japanese killed. 6 Allied planes lost.

Easteen Front

Southern Sector: Panzers destroy Russian 3rd Tank Army near Kharkov (March 2-4).
Mussolini issues Order of the Day announcing repatriation of Italian Expeditionary Force (Corpo Spedizionario Italiano) ‘to rest and have their ranks refilled.’

Air War

Pacific: Spitfire fighters intercept Japanese bombers over Darwin, taking raiders by surprise (6 out of 15 shot down).

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