Diary March 20, 1918

Fokker Dr.I Triplanes
On this Fokker Dr.I Triplanes the new ‘Balkenkreuz’ is visible on the top of the wings.
World War One Diary for Wednesday, March 20, 1918:

Air War

Germany: Iron Cross markings ordered changed to Balkenkreuze (Greek Cross) as from April 15.
Britain: ­Trenchard tenders resignation but retained till April 15.
Western Front: French capture German observation balloon with (bogus) documents revealing Roland offensive for March 26 in Champagne.

Western Front

Germany: Final council of war on Operation Michael at German GHQ Avesnes. Record (so far) 190 German divisions in theatre.

Sea War

Eastern Mediterranean: Allied convoy loses 4 ships to U-boat north of Alexandria, warning of its presence not received.
Britain: Lord Pirrie made Director-General of Merchant Shipbuilding, soon improves repair procedure for damaged ships.

Home Fronts

Germany: Reichstag debates Army seizure of Daimler (Stuttgart).
Britain: Sir E Geddes says world shipping tonnage fell 8% in 1917, Britain’s by 20%; Lord Pirrie made Controller-General, Merchant Shipbuilding. COAL, GAS AND ELECTRICITY RATIONING INTRODUCED; theatres to close at 10.30pm, restaurants at 10pm.

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