Diary March 22, 1916

depth charge explodes
A British depth charge explodes during a hunt for a U-boat.
Diary for Wenesday, March 22, 1916:

Sea War

First depth charge submarine kill: Q-ship Farnborough (Campbell) sinks U68 off Southwest Ireland. Germans aware of new weapon after vain attacks on April 15 and 20.
Aegean: Royal Navy minesweeper Whitby Abbey tows 6 caiques into Bay of Lebedos (south of Smyrna) and lands 36 Greek irregulars; they kill or capture 6 Turk soldiers and rustle 600 livestock (British convinced Turk cattle going to Germany).
French submarine Ampere attacks Austrian hospital ship Elektra in error, forced to beach but with few casualties.

Western Front

Verdun: Germans advance at Haucourt and Mort Homme but stopped short of Hill 304.

Southern Fronts

Italian Front: Comando Supremo at Udine receive more reports of Austrian Trentino build-up and reinforce First Army defences (including 4 extra brigades).

Middle East

Mesopotamia: Captain T E Lawrence leaves Cairo on secret mission to Mesopotamia, arrives at Basra (c. March 30). Kut endures 1300 shells.

African Fronts

East Africa: Germans retreat 20 miles behind river Ruwu to Lembeni, leaving behind Königsberg gun.

Occupied countries

Eastern France: Germans conscript 2,000 workers from Roubaix; Lille Gouverneur invites local unemployed to ‘volunteer’ on March 25.

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