Diary March 24, 1915

General Liman von Sanders
General Liman von Sanders, commander of the Turkish 5th Army.
Diary for Thursday, March 24, 1915:

Middle East

Dardanelles: Liman von Sanders given command of Turk Fifth Army (he arrives at Gallipoli on March 26).

African Fronts

Tripolitania: 2 Italian columns restore Misurata’s links (cut on March 18) with its ports.

Sea War

North Sea: Fog fails Harwich Force seaplane attack on German Nordreich radio station (also thwarted on April 3, 6 and May 11); cruiser Undaunted and destroyer Landrail collide (7 casualties) but get home until March 26.

Air War

Occupied Belgium: 2 RNAS aircraft bomb coastal U-boat assembly yards at Hoboken, Antwerp (repeated on April 1).

Secret War

Britain: Churchill memo on capturing Borkum Island after May 15.


Chile protests against Royal Navy violation of territorial waters on March 14-15, when German cruiser Dresden was caught off Juan Fernandez.

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