Diary March 25, 1942

A torpedoed cargo ship sinks.
A torpedoed cargo ship sinks.
WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, March 25, 1942:

Sea War

Atlantic: Italian submarine Pietro Calvi sinks 5 ships off northeast coast of Brazil (March 25 – April 12).

Air War

Southeast Asia: Japanese aircraft destroy large number of RAF and AVG fighters at Magwe (Burma).

Home Fronts

Britain – Grantham by-election: Kendall (lndependet ‘Production for Victory’ Candidate), 11,758; Air Chief Marshal Longmore (Conservatives), 11,391. First seat lost by Government since by-election ‘truce’ began in September 1939 (in numerous cases Cons., Lab. or Lib. candidates have been returned unopposed).

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