Diary March 25, 1917

'Billy' Bishop
‘Billy’ Bishop checks the machine-gun of his Nieuport fighter.
World War One Diary for Sunday, March 25, 1917:

Air War

Western Front: Bishop gains first of 72 victories. Only one of 6 Sopwith two-seater (No 70 Squadron) survive reconnaissance to Valenciennes (2 lost before on March 24).

Eastern Front

Russia: General Alexeiev made C-in-C by Provisional Government (until June 4) instead of Grand Duke Nicholas, Tsar’s
choice (arrived from Caucasus on March 23) .
Western Russia: German gas attack in Dvinsk area repulsed, but attack on March 26 southwest of Baranovichi gains east bank of river Shchara and 300 PoWs.

Niddle East

Mesopotamia – Battle of Jebel Hamrin: having bridged two canals on March 24, Keary GOC 3rd Indian Divisions’s 4,600 men (1,165 casualties) with 26 guns repulsed by 5,650 Turks and 24 guns (Ali Ihsan’s XIII Corps from Persia who cross to Diyala West bank on March 29).

Home Fronts

Russia: Death penalty abolished and medals except St George Cross. All Tsar’s property and income transferred to State.
Italy: National Board for War Invalids authorized.
Britain: ­Commons votes £60 million war credit.

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