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Diary March 26, 1942

U-123 from Type IX B
U-123 from Type IX B went in service on May 30, 1940. She sunk a total of 39 ships with 206,000 tons and the British submarine P615.
WW2 War Diary for Thursday, March 26, 1942:

Sea War

Atlantic: American ‘Q-ship’ Atik (disguised anti U-boat hunter) sunk in fierce gun duel with the German Type IX U-boat U-123.

Air War

Western Europe: RAF daylight raid on Le Havre.
Germany: 192 RAF bombers attacking Essen and dropping 300t of bombs.

Home Fronts

USA: Accidental explosion of 21 t of gelignite at Pennsylvania quarry kills 31.
Germany: Fritz Sauckel appointed ‘General Commissioner for the Employment of Labour’.

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