Diary March 27, 1917

‘U-155’ was converted from the commercial submarine ‘Deutschland’ (U-151) and was one of a class of 8 long-range U-boats. The boats were obsolete in the last year of the war, but were important as the first long-range subs ever.
World War One Diary for Tuesday, March 27, 1917:

Sea War

Germany: Long-range ocean U-cruiser Flotilla formed with U-155; 5 boats by September 22. In or outside prohibited zones ships without lights to be sunk without warning.

Western Front

France: a French soldier writes ‘Victory is smiling on our arms.’
Aisne: French reach Aisne-Oise Canal north of Soissons.


Russia: Petrograd Soviet appeals to peoples of the world for peace.


USA: Wilson tells E House war decided ‘What else can I do?’.

Home Fronts

Russia: Grand Dukes and Princes renounce hereditary rights.
Britain: Commons blockade debate.

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