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Diary March 3, 1916

Aerial picture Fort Douaumont
Aerial picture of the already by the German troops captured Fort Douaumont in front of Verdun.
Diary for Friday, March 3, 1916:

Western Front

Verdun: French success at Douaumont (and on March 7).

Middle East

Armenia: General Abatsiev’s 10,000 men capture Bitlis after surprise night bayonet charge in blizzard, taking 1,000 PoWs and 20 guns. 2 Russian battalions land at Atina to advance on Trebizond, 60 miles in the west, more land at Mapavri (night 6/7). General Lyakhov occupies Rize, port 30 miles from Trebizond (March 8), drives Turks beyond river Kalopotamus on March 9.
Mesopotamia: ­Gertrude Bell arrives at Basra to be Arab Bureau representative.

Sea War

North Sea: First Royal Navy minelaying submarine E24 lays minefield close to Elbe, but lost on next sortie (March 21).


Portugal: Portuguese seize 4 German ships at Madeira.
USA: Gore-Mclemore Senate Resolution against American sailing in belligerent ships and denying passports, but defeated on March 7.

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