Diary March 3, 1919

Murder of a defenceless Reichswehr soldier
Murder of a defenceless Reichswehr soldier by Spartacists in front of an inactive crowd in Berlin; a sign of the brutalization of the people by World War and Civil War.
World War One Diary for Monday, March 3, 1919:

Germany: More Berlin fighting kills c.1500 (until March 14), Communist-called general strike (March 3-6).
Galicia: ­Ukrainians bombard Lemberg.
Austria: Emperor Charles tells Lieutenant-Colonel Strutt ‘I first tried to rule autocratically, and then democratically; both were errors, but of the two the latter was the greater’.
Turkey: Damid Ferid Pasha Grand Vizier (Sultan’s brother-in-law), Τewfik Pasha resigns.
Britain: Coal Industry Commission opens. Meat prices down 2d/lb.
Italy: Last US troops sail from Genoa.
Russia: 3rd Communist International (Komintern) founded at Moscow; 8th Communist Party Conference (350,000 party members) changes emphasis to win ‘middle peasants’ νs Kolchak; party organs defined.
Baltic States: General Goltz’s 25,000 Latvian­-Germans (including Freikorps Iron Division) begin advance from Libau on Riga, retake Murayeva (March 5) from Reds.

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