Diary March 30, 1941

bombs are exploding close to the German capital ships
British bombs are exploding close to the German capital ships in the harbour of Brest during a daylight raid in 1941.
Diary for Sunday, March 30, 1941:

Air and Sea War

Blockade of Brest: 109 RAF bombers attack Gneisenau and Scharnhorst (night March 30-31) in first of 63 raids on the battlecruisers by bombers and torpedo planes during 1941.


USA: 65 Axis ships seized in US ports.
Yugoslavia: All German and Italian nationals have now left Belgrade.

Secret War

Churchill learns that, following Yugoslav signature of Axis Pact, 3 Panzer divisions have been railed from Rumania to Southern Poland – indicating firm intention to invade USSR – then returned to Balkans after Yugoslav revolution – indicating punitive expedition against Belgrade.

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