Diary March 30, 1942

German soldiers in a trench on the Eastern front
German soldiers in a trench on the Eastern front.
WW2 War Diary for Monday, March 30, 1942:

Air War

Europe: 33 Halifax bombers (5 lost) attack unsuccessful battleship Tirpitz near Trondheim.

Eastern Front

Only 8 of the 162 German divisions are at full strength at conclusion of great Russian counter-offensive. The 16 Panzer divisions have grand total of only 140 serviceable tanks.

Eastern Front Losses (since June 22, 1941):

Dead or missing 295,000 4,000,000 (incl wounded)
Wounded 823,000 (included in dead/missing)
PoWs (included in missing) 3,500,000
Tanks 3,000 (1 Oct-15 Mar) 14,287
Guns 2,800+ 25,212
Planes 2,000+ 18,000

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