Diary March 9, 1945

Tokio after 'March Fire Blitz'
Tokyo the day after the ‘March Fire Blitz’: the slightly built houses burned like straw. After a single air raid a quarter of the city is destroyed.
Diary for Friday, March 9, 1945:

Air War

Pacific: ‘MARCH FIRE BLITZ’ ON TOKYO. 279 low-flying B-29 Superfortresses drop 1,667 t. napalm and oil bombs on Tokyo (night March 9-10); ‘fire-storm’ devastates 26 sq km of built-up area, killing 84,000; 102,000 injured, a million rendered homeless. Similar raids on Nagoya, Osaka, and Kobe. Inadequate Japanese defenses and ARP services are unable to cope.

Occupied countries

Indochina: Japanese depose Vichyite administration, forcibly disarm French garrisons, and establish puppet ‘Empire of Annam’.

Western Front

Patton and Hodges (1st and 9th US Armies) join forces near Remagen.

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