Diary March 9, 1915

German troops at the Eastern Front
German troops at the Eastern Front. Their commitment there grew in 1915 due to the increasing military weakness of Austria-Hungary and a belief that Russia could be knocked out of the war quickly.
Diary for Tuesday, March 9, 1915:

Eastern Front

German Eleventh Army (Fabeck) formed.
Poland: ­New Gallwitz offensive near Przasnysz checked until March 14.

Western Front

Argonne: Fighting between Fou de Paris and Bolante (and also on March 14 and 18).

Secret War

Persia: British arrest 2 Germans at Bushire consulate (Gulf); telegrams prove sabotage intent, but only Wassmuss diplomatic code captured. British ambassador at Tehran protests at Persian pro­-German attitude on March 16.

African Fronts

Cyrenaica: Italian General Moccagatta defeats 1,500 rebels (and again on March 11) but inland garrisons evacuated until October.
East Africa: Rhodesian 2nd Regiment leaves for Southwest Africa.


Bulgaria: British ambassador in Sofia meets Bulgar Prime Minister, who is not impressed by Allied Dardanelles operations.

Home Fronts

Britain: Lloyd George Commons speech on mobilizing industry for war. Officers in uniform forbidden to visit nightclubs.

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