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Diary May 12, 1940

Panzer division is moving into France
A Panzer division is moving to France, 1940. In front are Panzer 38 (t), close to Panzer II and one Panzer IV.
Diary for Sunday, May 12, 1940:

Western Front

French light mechanized units withdraw and all the bridges over river Meuse are blown up, except those at Mezieres, where French fortress troops continue to hold both banks. Advance guards of three Panzer corps reach the Meuse later in the day along 80 miles (ca. 129 km) front, from Dinant to Sedan, having advanced 80 miles (ca. 129 km) in three days.
French 7th Army comes under severe pressure from 9th Panzer division and Ju 87 Stukas and is forced to retreat from Breda and Tilburg to Antwerp.


French Foreign Legion (2 battalions) land at Bjerkvik, near Narvik.

Air War

Five Battles flown by volunteers make suicidal attack on Vroenhoven and Veldwezelt bridges over Albert Canal, Belgium. All shot down by flak; Veldwezelt bridge damaged.

Home Fronts

Britain: 3,000 enemy aliens and 11,000 non-enemy aliens interned.
Kingsley Wood, Chancellor of Exchequer; Anderson, Home Secretary; Morrison, Minister of Supply.


Spain: General Franco issues Note affirming Spain’s continued adherence to the policy of ‘strict neutrality’, decreed on September 5, 1939.

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