Diary May 13, 1915

first gas masks for British soldiers
The first gas masks for British soldiers are these respirators.
Diary for Thursday, May 13, 1915:

Western Front

Ypres: Battle of Frezenberg Ridge ends. Heavy German bombardment. BEF MG crews get first primitive flannel-bag gas masks. French complete capture of Bois le Pretre.

Eastern Front

Russian SW Front shell reserve only 100,000. Cossacks occupy Sniatyn near river Pruth.

African Fronts

East Africa: 200 Rhodesian troops repel 200 German troops on river Tsavo. British donkey transport experiment fails.

Sea War

Dardanelles: British battleship Goliath (570 crew members lost) sunk by Turk torpedo boat Muavenet-i-Millet (commanded by German Lieutenant Firle) at 0116 hours in thick mist.
U21 (Hersing) reaches Cattaro with 1/2 fuel left having survived 3 Allied warship attacks, sails for Dardanelles.


USA: First government Lusitania protest.
Italy: Prime Minister Salandra resigns, but King refuses to accept.

Home Fronts

Britain: Government decides to intern all enemy aliens of military age. Enemy Emperors and Princes lose Kinght of Garter etc.
Leeds National Shell Factory approved.

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