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Diary May 16, 1940

By French air strike destroyed German Panzer 38(t)
By French air strike destroyed German Panzer 38(t), in the background the grave of one of its crew members.
Diary for Thursday, May 16, 1940:

Western Front

By nightfall Guderian‘s leading tanks are 60 miles (ca. 97 km) west of Sedan. Anglo-French-Belgian armies commence withdrawal from Dyle Line to Scheldt Line, west of Brussels. Belgian Government moves to Ostend.

Air War

26 LeO-451 bombers (4 lost) with fighter escort bomb German tanks refueling at Montcornet. RAF’s Advanced Air Striking Force withdraws from bases south of the Meuse to Troyes area east of Paris.


Churchill flies to Paris to consult with Reynaud, Daladier and General Gamelin.


USA: Roosevelt sets US aircraft industry a production target of 50,000 warplanes a year.

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