Diary May 16, 1915

Austro-hungarian soldiers construction a bridge
Austro-Hungarian soldiers construction a bridge during the advance on Przemysl.
Diary for Sunday, May 16, 1915:

Eastern Front

Battle of the San (until May 23): Austro­-Germans cross river by 15 bridges, take Sieniawa on May 18.

Western Front

Ypern – Battle of Festubert: British advance to La Quinque Rue-Bethune road to consolidate gains continues.
Artois: D’Urbal orders Tenth Army to clear flanks only.
Champagne: French Colonial Corps recover trenches after two German regiments attack in wake of three mine explosions.

Southern Fronts

Italian-Russian military agreement pledges Italy to try to reach Serbs with Isonzo offensive.

African Fronts

Lake Victoria: Royal Navy flotilla salvage HMS Sybil (see November 6, 1914).

Sea War

North Sea: German minelayers lay 480 mines at East Dogger Banks.

Air War

Britain: LZ38 bombs Ramsgate and Dover (night 16-17), but is first Zeppelin to be caught by searchlight and also seen by a defending pilot.
Western Front: French-style rudder stripes specified for Royal Flying Corps aircraft.


Austria: Government concessions to Italy.
Italy: Patriotic demo before royal family in Quirinial Palace at Rome.
Bulgaria: Allies offer Kavalla to Bulgaria for continued neutrality.

Home Fronts

Britain: King visits factories, shipyards and hospitals in Northern Britain until May 21.

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